Diana Hayes
Over the past seven years, Diana Hayes has expanded her poetic vision into the realm of photographic dream and narrative sequences and her work as art photographer has been shown through the Vancouver Association of Photographic Arts and the Exposure Gallery.  Since 1981, she has made her home on Salt Spring Island where she divides her time between writing and photography, theatre and literary production, working as an administrative assistant at the Lady Minto Gulf Islands Hospital, and when possible, travel.

On Shooting “The Swiftsure”:
“I was looking to capture the geometry and rhythms of the race, the primary colours of stormsuits and the tilted angles of lines and winches, canvas and sea.  Sailors watch the wind and their sails like naturalists watch exotic birds and beasts.  Even with all the high-tech strategies in racing, everything is ultimately done by feel and instinct.   These photographs are snapshots of the dance, conjuring the salt and tension of a race.  No one commands the sea but the sea herself; we can only ride her well from time to time.  My trio of images narrates the same rhythms, recalling the seduction of the sea, the percussion of the sails, the churning of the waves, each element speaking between the lines.”
Image copyright Diana Hayes
Image copyright Diana Hayes
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