Kim Kornbacher
As a professional archaeologist, I have used photography for many years as a tool to record site structure and artifacts. Over the last several years, however, my photography has changed from a medium of documentation to a means of artistic and personal expression. I have shown my photographs in a number of locations on Salt Spring, Oregon and Washington. I enjoy sharing my work and seeing how or whether it impacts others. My equipment includes a medium format Pentax 6 x 7 and a Nikon 8008, assorted lenses, and a Bogen tripod. My images are digitally printed on archival papers with a projected lifetime of over 70 years. I think of what I do with the camera as "seeing deeply." Through photography I hope to share this vision of the world with others and encourage the preservation of our fragile natural environment.

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email: kkornbacher@saltspring.com

Kim Kombacher
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