Seth Berkowitz
While operating his commercial studio in Burnaby, BC, Berkowitz made time to pursue his fine art career; taking photographs of people in their environments and creating beautiful landscape manipulations using, among others, one of his Polaroid SX-70 cameras.  He has been interested in exploring alternative processes with the Polaroid family of films for many years and is currently focusing on SX-70 polaroid manipulations. 

In 2000, Berkowitz participated in the St. Roch Voyage of Rediscovery, taking a unique voyage through the North West Passage in the Canadian Arctic.  The expedition was mounted by the RCMP and the Vancouver Maritime Musuem to raise funds for the restoration of the RCMP vessel St. Roch.  Part proceeds of sales of images from this expedition will be donated to the St. Roch restoration fund. Published works from this trip include: Focus Magazine (Italy), Signals, and RCMP Quarterly.

In 2004, Berkowitz and his wife, Beth, opened Galleons Lap Gallery & Atlelier on Salt Spring Island to showcase fine-art photography, as well as his own work. Galleons Lap is one of only a very few photography gallerys in Western Canada.
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