Diana Hayes

Diana Hayes was born in Toronto in 1955 and has lived on both coasts of Canada. Her published books include Two of Swords (co-editor), Moving Inland, The Classical Torso In 1980, The Choreography of Desire, and Coming Home (anthology). Her play Islomania: Saga of the Settlers was produced by Salt of the Earth Productions and for the Salt Spring Festival of the Arts. She is currently Production Manager for Salt Spring’s Theatre Alive.

Over the past decade, Diana Hayes has expanded her poetic vision into the realm of photographic dream and narrative sequences and her work as art photographer has been shown through the Vancouver Association of Photographic Arts and the Exposure Gallery. Her book, The Choreography of Desire, combines poetry and photography and was published by Rainbow Publishers in March 1999. Since 1981, she has made her home on Salt Spring Island where she divides her time between writing, photography, theatre and literary production, and when possible, travel.

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Image copyright Diana Hayes
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