Eric Onasick
Photographing since twelve, I recently completed a year of formal study at the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, and have embraced digital photography.

I am attracted to bold, intensely-coloured patterns and graphics, but am also entranced by the subtleties of fine detail in peeling paint, rust, plants and machinery. Many of my images are close-up views of ordinary objects around us; the abstract forms and textures can be evocative. Another side of me is fascinated by gesture and expression in the human face, especially portrayed in monochromatic tones.

All my images are made using RAW files from Canon digital cameras, edited with Adobe Photoshop, and printed on an Epson 4000 printer. I live and work both in Victoria and Salt Spring Island, BC.

Contact information

email: Eric Onasick

website: www.eopix.com

Eric Onasick
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