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Eric Onasick

Eric Onasick’s photography takes us into multiple worlds with the eye of a storyteller, his images spanning the bold and subtle, the wildly colourful and mysterious black and white. While he admires the old-school work of Cartier-Bresson, Kertész and Newman, he also seeks the impressionistic freedom of Freeman Patterson, and takes Jay Maisel's advice to do visual pushups daily.

Trained as a geologist as well as a software engineer, Eric’s mastery of textures and shapes in nature is precise and clean. The progression from the dim red light of the darkroom to the digital environment of today’s professional photographers is a comfortable fit for Eric. He now uses Adobe Photoshop to edit images from digital cameras, and prints on an HP large-format printer.

Contact information

email: Eric Onasick

website: www.eopix.com

Eric Onasick
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