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Michael Levy

Michael has been living & working as a photographer on Salt Spring Island for the past 15 years.

He works only with what light Nature provides with traditional analog films & cameras resisting the lure of the digital age. The work that he enjoys most is with his vintage Hasselblad medium format gear: no batteries, motor drives or auto focus just a box that captures light focused through a lens onto the film plane with a slight interruption from a mechanical shutter.

The square format of the Hasselblad not only provides a beautiful, crisp image due to the large size of the film but also creates a different kind of composition because of the 2 1/4" square format. There is no landscape or portrait composing, just image which simplifies the equation substantially giving the subject of the photograph the prominence and attention it deserves.

Contact information

email: michael levy

website: www.flatearthphoto.com

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