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Seth Berkowitz

Seth Berkowitz is a commercially trained photographer who has, over the past few years, been exploring his boundaries as an art photographer. He has shown his work in Vancouver, Victoria, and of course on Salt Spring Island. In 2004 he opened Galleons Lap Gallery Atelier on Saltspring to showcase his fine-art photography as well as the work of other photographers. Galleons Lap is one of a select few photography gallerys in western Canada.

How Many Pixels Does it Take to Make a Photograph?

This question occurred to me as I listened to photographers using phrases like "pushing pixels", or showing me the inside of their computer so that I could see these pixels whirling around. The images presented here are part of the my quest to answer the question: "How many pixels does it take to create a photograph?"

Work in Progress
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website: Galleons Lap

email: Seth Berkowitz

phone: 250 538-0182
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