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Larry Melious

Larry Melious has been a working photographer since 1985. Operating his studio and gallery in Mendocino, California, Larry worked exclusively in black and white, servicing the area’s need for fine black and white processing and printing. He was one of the founding members of the Willits Center for the Arts and was involved in several community based projects such as the People’s Portrait Project and The Grace Hudson photographic restoration project. His work specialized in portraiture, commercial and fine art photography.

Self taught, Larry learned a broad spectrum of photographic skills from archival silver gelatin printing to hand tinting and Polaroid manipulations to gallery management and lighting. In 2001, Larry and his family moved to Florence, Italy for a year and upon return, made the jump from black and white to color via digital photography and archival Giclee printing.

In 2004, Larry and his family moved to Salt Spring Island, B.C. and there, continues to expand his photographic interpretations inspired by the beauty and serenity of the South Gulf Islands. Larry’s work has been exhibited in various galleries and shows around California and British Columbia.

Contact information

email: Larry Melious

website: www.meliousphotography.com
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